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Do you have an issue you just want to move on from?

It is possible to have calm!

My 90 minutes for £90 session really can help you get over something that you can't get out of your mind.

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Weight Loss - Think Thin - Healthy Eating

Hypnotherapy helps with
VGBT - Surgery Virtual Gastric Band Therapy Surgery
Weight Management & Control
Thinking about bigger picture
Long-term consequences of actions
Reasons to succeed
Strengthening resolve, self-control & determination.
Wiser decisions for success long term
Boredom and Snack Eating
Eating Unconsciously
Eating Slower
Controlling Hunger
No more fast Food

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Alcohol Abuse - Addiction Withdrawal

Hypnotherapy helps with
'Alcohol Addiction Problems'
Sleeping Problems - Health Issues
Alcohol withdrawal - Staying off Alcohol
Enhancing recovery process of Alcoholism
Alcohol toxic shock - tremors & shakes
Engagement of Subconscious support resources
Awareness that you can Party without Alcohol
A NEW YOU A New Lifestyle FREE of Alcohol

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Reduce Stress
[General] Anxiety [Social] Stress & Panic Management

Hypnotherapy helps with
Anxiety Disorders & Stress Relief
Body/Mind Overwhelment
Panic Disorders
Generalized Anxiety Treatment
Overcome Fear & Anxiety
Performance Anxiety
Customer Service Stress
Instant Stress Relief
Mindfulness Meditation Training

Reduce Stress
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Depression Self-Help - Antidepressant Withdrawal

Hypnotherapy helps with
Dealing with Anxiety & Stress
Understanding CAUSES of Depression
Sleeping Better & Feeling Better
Managing Overwhelming Emotions
A Depressed anxious Husband
A Depressed stressed Wife
A Depressed & anxious Child or College Teenager
Overcoming a nervous breakdown
Antidepressant withdrawal comfortably

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Let's Stop Now
Stop Smoking - Nicotine Free

Hypnotherapy helps with
How to beat your cravings
How to stay stopped
Breathe Easier
How you'll live longer
With all that extra 💰 spare cash

Let's Stop Now
Curing Phobias
Fears & Phobias Eliminated Permanently

Hypnotherapy helps with
Fears or Phobias of:
Confined Spaces
Open Spaces
Dentist/Doctor (needles, drill, blood)
Cure Dog / Spider / Snake Phobias
The Dark
Fear of change
Driving Test
Fear Cancer
Fear & Anxiety
Panic Attacks

Curing Phobias
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Motivation Inspiration & Assertiveness Hypnosis / NLP

Hypnotherapy helps with
Expressing Your Opinion
Listening Skills
Making Small Talk
Meeting People
Standing Up For Yourself
Being less apologetic
Being Less Defensive

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Break the Habit
Addiction Help / Cure Drug Abuse

Hypnotherapy helps with
Addictions of all kinds

Break the Habit
Your New Life!
Lifestyle Change / Enjoy Life - Self-Esteem & Confidence

Hypnotherapy helps with
Be more Positive
Be more Self-confident
Be more Self-assured
Be more Strong-willed
Be more-Decisive
Be more-Assertive
Achieve Your Potential
And so much more

Your New Life!
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Pain Relief & Control / Relaxation Breathing Techniques

Hypnotherapy helps with
Diminishing Pain
Pain Control & Immune Response
Lessening the impact
The Dissassociation Pain Awareness
Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis
Migraine - Headaches
Lower Back - Hip & Knee Pain
Chronic Pain Management

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Business Acumen - Communication & Thinking Skills NLP

Hypnotherapy helps with
Making better decisions
Improving your business
Becoming more professional
Beating interview anxiety
Making big decisions
Career changes
Public Speaking

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Personal Productivity Development - Relationship Help

Hypnotherapy helps with
Finding the Real You
Personal Change
Personal Growth
How to Love Yourself
The Journey of Introvert to Extrovert
Planning Your Future
Personal Power - A SpecialProgramme
Stop Being Judgmental
Healing the Past
Brain Power - Enhanced Therapy
Being Alone

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Lindsay Heron


Hello and thank you for your time, I hope that I can provide some help for you wherever you are in your life's journey.
You can find me on the General Hypnotheraypy Register.

I hope to meet you at some point.

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How I Help

I help Re-Frame / Change your Mind & Body to feel better,

Subconsciously, in order to achieve your desired Persona Goals & Aspirations

Failure is not an option - a Free top-up session can be offered, but is rarely required

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Carol Heron

Hi, thanks for reading our website - helping others is a real passion of mine. By working together we can help you make a real positive change to your life.

I hope to meet you at some point.

Call Us Confidentially Now: 01738 710 758 / 07702 383 726 Carol Heron

How I Help

Counselling Free 30mins Counselling Session with Carol - Same day of Appointment With Lindsay - Immediately prior to your Hypnosis / NLP Therapy

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