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Health Issues

Hypnotherapy & NLP can and will help Free you from Addictive Habits and deal with the many Health Concerns, even without the need for Medical Drug interventions.

Fears & Phobias Eliminated Permanently

Hypnosis and NLP will permanently free you from your fear or phobia.   - Your mind can turn a simple fear into an all-encompassing phobia that spirals out of control into more fear and more phobia. Hypnotherapy can retrain your mind and remove your fear by simply changing the programme you have running in your brain.

Fears & Phobias Eliminated Permanently

Fear of Flying as an Example

Your feelings about flying may have become an unhelpful pattern that can overwhelm you.

These feelings may have come from a flight that was turbulent or that for some other reason you found scary.

Or you may have frightened yourself without ever having flown. By visualising unhelpful scenarios and feelings that recur the more you focus on them, you’ve caused yourself to expect the worst.

And that’s how you’ll always feel until you change the programme. Hypnosis and NLP can and will change it by helping you re-focus and re-think your expectations.

There are millions of people who fear flying - and there are also millions of people who used to fear flying but no longer do. You can be one of them, free from the fear caused by your previous thought patterns.

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Common Phobias
  • Fear of spiders
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of open spaces
  • Fear of confined spaces
  • Fear of the dark
  • SEE full listings below 
Less Common
  • Fear of laughter
  • Fear of numbers
  • Fear of sick people
  • Fear of being late
  • Fear of the phone
  • SEE full listings below
  • All fears and phobias can be treated permanently with hypnotherapy and NLP
  • As the fear is generated in your mind, restructuring how you think will change the feeling from fear to acceptance.


People who don’t relax on planes often make others feel frightened too.

You may have a build-up of anxiety days or even weeks before a flight, constantly thinking about flying whilst feeling fearful and anxious, and thus associating fear with flying.

Hypnosis and NLP can change your associations, making the imagined experience comfortable and enjoyable immediately and giving you a feeling of being in control that lasts.

The more you use the disassociation techniques that you’ll learn, the more you’ll be able to associate flying with a sense of calmness and tranquillity.

You’ll free yourself permanently from the unnecessary discomfort you’ve been giving yourself and your mind will support you 24/7, before and after all flights. You’ll be in control of your fears, not the other way round.

This Hypnotic NLP transformation principle works for all fears and phobias. I personally guarantee it.

Examples of Phobias I can Cure

If your fear is not listed don't despair, please contact me and we will help you.

Ablutophobia (fear of bathing) 
Bird Phobia
Cure Needle Phobia
Cure Snake Phobia
Cure Spider Phobia
Dental Phobia
Driving Test
Exam Nerves
Fear of Bees and Wasps
Fear of Being Late
Fear of Boats
Fear of Bridges
Fear of Cancer
Fear of Cats
Fear of Change
Fear of Clowns
Fear of Crowds
Fear of Death
Fear of Doctors
Fear of Dogs
Fear of Driving
Fear of Elevators

Fear Of Emotions
Fear of Escalators
Fear of Failure
Fear of Fainting
Fear of Falling Over
Fear of Flying
Fear of General Anesthesia
Fear of Germs
Fear of Going Crazy
Fear Of Growing Up
Fear of Heights
Fear of Hospitals
Fear of Laughter
Fear Of Loud Noises
Fear of Making Mistakes
Fear of Mice / Rats
Fear of Missing Out
Fear of Numbers
Fear of Others Vomiting
Fear of Photographs
Fear of Planning
Fear of Poverty
Fear of Public Transport

Fear of Sharks
Fear of Sick People
Fear of Success
Fear of Terrorism
Fear of the Dark
Fear of the Phone
Fear of Thunder
Fear of Touch
Fear of Travel
Fear of Violence
Fear of Vomiting
Fear of Water
Fear Of Women
Fear of Work
Heart Attack Fears
Nervous Passenger
Night Panic Attacks
Overcome Ablutophobia and Feel Calm when Bathing
Overcoming Claustrophobia
Recover After Burglary
Stop Panic Attacks
Unfamiliar Surroundings

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