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Health Issues

Hypnotherapy & NLP can and will help Free you from Addictive Habits and deal with the many Health Concerns, even without the need for Medical Drug interventions.

Depression Self-Help - Antidepressant Withdrawal

Discover why depression messes with your sleep, energy and emotions - Depression can leave you exhausted, terrified and confused. The good news is, depression can be treated quickly and effectively.

Depression Self-Help - Antidepressant Withdrawal

Are You Depressed?

Discover why depression messes with your sleep, energy and emotions - and get the tools you need to feel better fast.

If you’re suffering from depression, you’re probably worn out with worry and poor sleep, and terrified that there’s something terribly wrong with you. You may be thinking you’ll never get better and confused by all the conflicting information you’re getting.

My clients ask questions like: "Why is this happening to me?", "What’s wrong with me?", "Am I ever going to get better?"

The good news is, I can treat depression quickly. I regularly get results that will astonish both you and the medical professionals who have been treating you – without using drugs.

Can Lindsay Help You?

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Beating Depression

  • Feeling down/low all the time
  • Can't sleep
  • Can't think straight
  • Everything is hard work
  • Anti-depressants - I dont think so!
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help, but rarely cures
  • Motivational Exercise
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Mindfullness
  • Hypnotherapy & NLP
New You
  • Past clearly behind You
  • Back In control of your emotions
  • Revitalised and re-focused
  • More energy, more vitality
  • Positive outlook / road ahead clear, regenerated
  • Self-esteem & confidence
  • Future bright, feeling and looking happy


Treating Depression Without Drugs

How does it work?

New research, that few people know about yet, has revolutionised our understanding of depression, and given sufferers their life back.

When you understand this new approach, depression loses its power over you. You’ll know what causes it – and it's nothing to do with chemical imbalances (as you’d probably guessed).

From this understanding, I have developed a complimentary blend of psychological techniques using behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, hypnosis and plenty of NLP.

Take it at your own pace in a relaxed hypnosis and NLP therapy session

When you’re depressed your brain is exhausted, which makes learning hard. So your session gives you the chance to relax deeply and absorb new information slowly during two 90-minute sessions, over a morning or afternoon to suit you. Hypnosis works so fast for depression relief because of the relaxation and recovery effect it has on an exhausted brain.

This treatment will not necessarily replace the help you can get from a qualified medical professional, although it can and often does. But if you are already getting help, hypnotherapy will make that help more effective. I usually have clients off their drugs within a matter of days, fully restored, subconsciously supported, in control and with a feeling of harmony in mind and body.

If you’re suffering from only mild to moderate depression, and just want to know how to get rid of it and stop it coming back, this session is perfect for you too.

Choose from these depression-related sessions:

  • Insomnia beater: give sleep a chance
  • Overcome your nervous breakdown: relax deeply with hypnosis and start to feel better immediately
  • Beat fear and anxiety: overcome stress
  • Antidepressant withdrawal: feel good coming off and staying off
  • Beat winter blues/SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and get more out of life
  • Beat summer blues (reverse of SAD)
  • College depression: get out of that hole with hypnosis and NLP
  • Coming out of depression: give yourself a break
  • Depressed husband: specifically for him
  • Depressed wife: specifically for her
  • Full depression treatment - a more concentrated therapy programme for deeper depressional issues and concerns.

Can Lindsay Help You?

‘Results may vary from person to person’, ‘Full recovery is not guaranteed; however, our aim is to help you with your symptoms’

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