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Health Issues

Hypnotherapy & NLP can and will help Free you from Addictive Habits and deal with the many Health Concerns, even without the need for Medical Drug interventions.

Addiction Help / Cure Drug Abuse

Being addicted to something can totally take over your life. - A Hypnosis and NLP therapy session, focused on your addiction, changes the way you think, feel and sense about it. It will allow you to break the connection, liberating you and allowing you to be the YOU you really want to be again.

Addiction Help / Cure Drug Abuse

The Never Ending Cycle of Addiction & Abuse

Worried about addiction?

Overcoming addiction?

Going dry from alcohol or quitting smoking will boost your health and well-being with unexpected benefits.

When you're addicted to something it really can take over your life, affecting it in many ways: your relationships, your family, your job, your health and you as a person. The very nature of addiction is self-perpetuating meaning it is very difficult to break away from.

Telling yourself not to say something or think something can and will have the opposite effect (try ‘not thinking’ of elephants). Without a new mind-set it’s hard to become free of your addiction.

Your conscious awareness can creep up and ambush you at any time, especially during your weaker moments. But your subconscious can engage options that break the connection and dissolve the addiction. They will relieve you and free you up to be back in charge, free: the individual you'd like to be.

Whether it’s Smoking Nicotine, Alcohol or Drug Abuse, Gambling or OCD, hypnosis combined with appropriate NLP therapy really helps and often resolves the addiction for good. It’s a very powerful and effective tool for changing people’s lives.

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  • Drinking & Alcohol Abuse
  • Gambling on-line or off
  • Drugs like Cocaine
  • OCD's Like hand-washing
  • Stealing
  • Nicotine - Smoking
Impact on Your Life
  • Liver cirrhosis: often fatal 
  • Failing relationships
  • Passive smokers’ illnesses
  • Debts from drugs
  • Parents become desperate / anxious
  • Deterioration of health and well-being /cancer
  • Clouded thinking / panic / paranoia
  • Family life ruination
  • Heart health damage / death
  • Imprisonment and seclusion
  • Anxiety and depression, loss of sex drive
Better You
  • Brain re-programmed: now supporting you
  • Consciousness now subconsciously supported 24/7
  • Better you, more controlled, contented and happy
  • A new you, focused on family and future
  • The past securely behind you
  • The future bright
  • Improved and supported immune system
  • Better general health & wellbeing
  • You on the recovery route
  • In control, no turning back


Being addicted to something can absolutely take over your life. A session of hypnotherapy combined with NLP, focusing on your addictions, can and will change how your relationship with whatever you were addicted to. Your brain will think differently. The therapy will free you to be the person you want to be deep down and get back in charge of your own life.

Some Examples

Here are a couple of examples of how I help drug or gambling addictions.

Shatter the Gambling Illusion: Overcome Gambling Addiction hypnosis and NLP session

Gamblers make good hypnotic subjects as they regularly fall into a trance. Sadly for them, the trance they’re familiar with is destructive and damaging. The truth is that gambling, far from bringing riches, is robbing them of everything worth having.

The Overcome Gambling Addiction hypnosis and NLP therapy session has been created to crack through the gambling illusion and destroy the compulsion of gambling. An opening talk shows you what happens in a gambling trance so that you can become aware of just how it ensnares you. It lets you feel the two ends of the gambling experience: the excitement beforehand and that sinking feeling after a big loss.

In a normal gambling trance, you maintain a psychological barrier between these two aspects of the experience: you don’t let yourself believe that the two are connected. But now they’re brought simultaneously into focus.

The induction helps you relax deeply, with an emphasis on comfort and rest. The trance work helps you connect with healthy and rewarding behaviour.

The previously separated aspects of gambling are then turned topsy-turvy, making you re-think what you really value in life.

Break free with the cocaine addiction hypnosis and NLP therapy session

Socially accepted drugs pose particular challenges for those who become dependent on them and then decide they want to break free. If your peers, friends and colleagues treat drugs as though they were sweets, and offer you them at every turn, how are you going to escape?

The cocaine addiction hypnosis and NLP therapy session was devised specifically to help people like you break the hold this drug has on you, by bringing you out of the addictive trance.

An introductory talk goes over the patterns of cocaine abuse and what happens to someone who gets caught up in a lifestyle that revolves around regular use. Embedded suggestions lay the foundations for the trance work.

The induction is unusual in that the expected relaxation is delayed several times. This sets up a shock treatment that undermines the beliefs and certainties that keep your addictive cycle going. The new sensations and perspectives it produces are then used as the basis for relaxing, giving you a whole new idea of the process of 'enjoying yourself'.

Hypnotic repetition allows you to build and reinforce the brain-patterns that will make a life free of cocaine normal and natural for you. It lets you enjoy the good feelings and satisfaction that will help you make this new way of living truly your own.


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