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Health Issues

Hypnotherapy & NLP can and will help Free you from Addictive Habits and deal with the many Health Concerns, even without the need for Medical Drug interventions.

Business Acumen - Communication & Thinking Skills

A focused mind will help you grow your business or career - Using hypnosis sessions to target job and business skills will help you gain traction and build your career and your business

Business Acumen - Communication & Thinking Skills

Business Skills Development

Many aspects of business are affected by your ability to make decisions, assimilate information, lead a team and ultimately better yourself. Issues can escalate fast, especially in a busy environment/team where you feel overwhelming pressure to perform at your best from staff, peers and bosses.

Your first step is to recognise that you have a knowledge or confidence gap and try to pin down the real issue. Whether that’s confidence, experience, nerves or simply being asked to do too much, all is not lost. A session of relaxing hypnotherapy will help you take stock, readjust and go forward with more purpose.

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Business Development

Personal Issues
  • Your morning routine is non-existent
  • You forget your strengths when you need them most
  • You need to make incremental changes to manage time better 
  • You work on tasks better delegated to someone else 
  • You procrastinate too much / lack focus
  • You lack confidence and self-esteem 
  • You worry about leading your team
  • Shyness holds you back
  • You doubt your abilities
  • You avoid difficult conversations 
  • You don’t say ‘thank you’ or smile 
  • You need to feel happier so that it reflects on others
  • You forget your inner life determines your outer success 
  • You spend too much time recovering from stumbles and setbacks 
  • Home life affects business outcomes inappropriately or other way round
  • And so on….
External Issues
  • Finance and the economy
  • Weather or micro-environmental factors 
  • Infrastructure and laws 
  • Customers
  • Employees’ work ethic 
  • Distribution channels and suppliers 
  • Marketing and competitors
  • Investors’ influence 
  • Media and the general public 
  • Trends and fashions 
  • Family issues 
  • Relationships with co-workers 
  • Job terms of reference 
  • Job skills and options to re-train
  • Unhappiness with your job
  • And so on….
  • Be more excited about your and others’ potential 
  • Make more happen
  • Create your business plan 
  • Determine your objectives
  • Create a goals and objectives check list 
  • Achieve your financial goals and expectations
  • Use your plan strategically and network 
  • Seek and find an appropriate lifestyle change 
  • Rise above the overwhelm from your peers / bosses
  • Re-assess all your options 
  • Lead your team and share your enthusiasm
  • Build more confidence and self-esteem 
  • Be more professional: open to change and critique 
  • Be more decisive, goal-orientated and aspiration-focused 
  • Speak more clearly, concisely and comfortably
  • Deliver business messages well in front of peers and/or public And so much more – see how Lindsay can help


Examples of Issues Hypnotherapy Can Deal With


The 'Business Networking Confidence' hypnosis and NLP therapy helps you get more benefit from networking

How to use Hypnosis and NLP to boost confidence

Business networking is an important part of the marketing that any business has to do to be successful. But many people find networking daunting, and feel uncomfortable 'selling their wares' in what feels more like a social than a sales environment.

The 'Business Networking Confidence' Hypnosis and NLP therapy session was developed to help you get more of the benefits of networking and feel more comfortable about developing your networking skills. Before we start your session I explain why, even though networking is so important to the success of a business, it can sometimes feel so difficult. Hypnosis can help develop the inner mind-set that will make networking easier and more rewarding.

A relaxing induction prepares you for the hypnosis trance work to come, allowing you to enter a focused, receptive state of mind where changes can be made at a very deep level.

You are invited to reconnect both with your own capacity to be effective and with your true purpose in engaging in your particular field of work. These elements are amplified through metaphor and applied to a truly rewarding visualisation experience of using networking easily and confidently.

This Session will enable you to integrate your new relaxed approach and to become naturally better at networking in support of your business goals.

Emotional Job Stress

The ‘Emotional Job Stress’ hypnosis and NLP therapy session will help you 'decompress' after work.

How to use Hypnosis to stop taking work home

Very stressful jobs are hard work when you're at work. But many people find themselves taking the stress home with them. It can be tough to switch off and shut down.

The ‘Emotional Job Stress’ hypnotherapy programme was created to provide people with an effective way to compartmentalise their work and home lives so that work doesn't take over completely.

A hypnotic trance induction looks at how the demands of work can 'creep' until they take over your whole life, with negative effects all round. Separating work and private life, and finding ways to 'decompress', is essential to your health, well-being and efficiency at work.

A carefully-structured introduction both shows you the process of decompression and starts to train you in how to do it for yourself. Indirect suggestions prepare the way for the hypnotic trance work to come.

When you’re deeply relaxed, you’re guided through a metaphorical process that you can adapt and use in your own specific circumstances.  This allows you to adopt and maintain a clear separation of work and private life. Rehearsal therapy gives you a strong grounding in what it’s like to use this technique in daily life, and to start to see the increasing benefits that it can bring.

Choose ideally Up to 6 Key Topics Here to Help You with Your Business Acumen

I can deal with up to 6 topics with the 3 hour session but if you require more then this may require more sessions.

Asking for a Raise
Attention to Detail
Bad Boss
Be a Better Manager
Be a Better Writer
Be More Persuasive
Be More Proactive
Be More Professional
Be Natural On Camera
Be Punctual
Beat Interview Anxiety
Becoming a Leader
Business Networking Confidence
Career Change Confidence
Choosing Careers

Confidence in Meetings
Confidence with Your Boss
Confident Delegating
Crying at Work
Emotional Job Stress
Enjoy Paperwork
Enjoy Your Work
Find a New Job
Finish What You Start
Impromptu Speech
Improve Typing Speed
Job Loss
Job Search Perseverance
Making Big Decisions
Meet Deadlines

Monday Blues
Personal Time Management
Powerful Public Speaking
Presentation Anxiety (Long Term)
Project Management Planning
Public Speaking Fear
Questions from Hell in Presentations
Return to Work
Selling Skills Superstar
Speak Without Notes
Starting a New Job
Team Player
Telesales Confidence

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