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Hypnotherapy & NLP can and will help Free you from Addictive Habits and deal with the many Health Concerns, even without the need for Medical Drug interventions.

Motivation Inspiration & Assertiveness Hypnosis / NLP

CULTIVATE CALMNESS, Clarity, Peace of Mind, Lucidness & Cohesion, Social & Communication Skills - So you can: Love & Live Life More – Be Different – Achieve More

Do You Recognise These?

How do you make yourself heard?

How do you cope with people objecting to what you say, or getting upset by it?

How do you stop 'people pleasing' all the time and say what you think?

Can Lindsay Help You?

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  • Your only limit is 'you'
  • If it doesn't challenge you 'It won't change you'
  • Be somebody 'Nobody thought you could be'
  • Don't Stop when your tired 'Stop when your done'
  • Tough times never last 'But tough people do'
  • If you can't stop thinking about it 'Don't stop working for it'
  • Your mind is a powerful thing when you fill it with positive thoughts, 'your life will begin to change'
  • Starting, changing, or ending conversations
  • Sharing feelings, opinions, and experiences with others
  • Making requests and asking for favours 
  • Refusing others' requests if they are too demanding
  • Questioning rules or traditions that don't make sense or don't seem fair
  • Addressing problems or things that bother you 
  • Being firm so that your rights are respected
  • Expressing positive emotions
  • Expressing negative emotions
New You
  • Healthy body 'A Healthy Mind'
  • More Self-Esteem 'More Confidence'
  • Focusing on the 'Bigger Picture'
  • Healthy Mindset as important as 'A Healthy Diet
  • Feeling Motivated Feeling Assertive
  • Feeling more Empowerment
  • Re-focused Goals and Aspirations
  • Past Firmly Behind You - Future Looking Brighter NEW YOU - NEW LIFE - NEW LIFESTYLE


Boost workplace motivation and energy with the Motivation at Work Hypnosis & NLP Therapy Session

Everybody has experienced Motivation - but sometimes they didn't recognise it for what it was. And everybody knows that it's a valuable asset if you want to get things done and make progress at work or in life generally.

But what do you do when you just can't find the Motivation?

Lindsay’s A Fully Qualified Motivation Therapist & Coach

By using the 'Motivation at Work Hypnosis NLP Session' you will find the way to that holy grail - the source of all motivation.

Your first task is to be realistic, as the pre-talk introduction for the Motivation at Work Hypnosis NLP therapy is focused initially on identifying a clear and discrete area in which you want, most desire to improve your motivation and energy levels. I will then move on to show you and educate you on how to recognize motivation when it happens - by matching it with past experience. The introduction is constructed as a pre-cursor to the induction [and introduction], and takes you into a deeply relaxed trancelike Hypnosis visualised state, before you know it.

From there it is a matter of identifying and anchoring your own motivation to make it an easily accessible subconscious resource which can transform you working life in ways which you can hardly imagine.

The ‘Assertiveness Motivational Hypnosis & NLP Therapy’ Session was devised to help people like you master the skills to make sure that they don't always get overlooked, and don't always have to dissemble and pretend.

The Pretalk introduction explains how much, and why, we are affected by our innate drive to get along with others, and how this can become counter productive if we don't take steps to assert ourselves. Hypnosis is the ideal way to train in the those necessary and essential skills.

I will invite you to imagine a situation where you want to be more Assertive as the focus for the session, and before a gently deeply relaxing induction allows you to separate yourself from everyday concerns and to focus on your own inner sense of reality.

Two different metaphors provide the basis of an experiential transformation of communication style. You are then guided through ways to express certain incontrovertible truths, and to use that experience to inform how you handle other kinds of truth and certainty that you wish to communicate to others.

Constant Hypnotic / NLP verbal and visual rehearsal of these approaches will ensure that you become familiar and more comfortable with saying what you want to say, how you want to say it, and then with dealing calmly with any kind of response that may arise.

Chronic LACK of Absolute Assertiveness Thinking – How it can mind-churn

As you lie in your bed, do you mull over and say things in your head like:

Why do you speak to me like that? - Why can I never say what I really feel? – Why do I always put myself last? – Why do I feel so guilty about standing up for myself? Most of us have had nights like this.

But a chronic lack of Assertiveness can be really inappropriately depressing long term, over and over the scenario plays like a tune stuck in your head. You think of all the things you’d like to have said and told them, the retorts you should have made, all the time frozen in your place unable to take them all back. The family member that tries to run your life and the pushy salesman pushing you into purchasing something you really didn’t want. The Friend who asks for way too much or The Boss you can’t say no to.

When it comes to saying NO you just can’t do it. Even thinking about it makes you nervous. Even if you force yourself it backfires so much you just take ___________to everything he’s said.

Guilt has you in its vice-like grip.

More Assertiveness & Motivational Inspirational Therapy can change all that

Do you find it difficult and uncomfortable to say how you feel?

If a lack of assertiveness is keeping you awake at night, I can help you. You can escape the overwhelment of anger, depression and anxiety it causes with new skills to stand up for yourself more easily, comfortably and calmly.

"Just stand up for yourself!” You'll have heard that a million times before?

It’s what your well-meaning friends tell you when you complain about the workplace bully or the cruel remarks of a nagging relative. Or what you tell yourself when you lie awake at night. The problem is, they don’t know what it’s like to not be assertive.

That constant mix of overwhelming anxiety anger frustration.

The stomach-twisting fear, [that gut feeling / reaction as you think] / as you contemplate about any potential confrontation. The bottled-up rage at others, that you feel deep down inside, for openly manipulating you.And the frustrated fury and annoyance at yourself for not getting to grips with it, putting a stop to it.

Other people might think ‘not being assertive’ doesn’t really sound like a big deal. Who cares if you’re shy, or care a lot about people’s feelings? That’s not the end of the world, they might think. It means you’re a nice person, just a bit meek.

That’s because people who are assertive don’t quite realise how hopeless it feels when you can’t stand up for yourself.

20 Steps to Help you Connect

Share something special

Be appreciative

Scrap Memorised pitching

Cultivate curiosity

Be good listener

Know your audience

“Remember when she cries she buys”

Let your passion shine through

Take the high road

Stay in touch - take a tip from that plastic wrapper

And Be Transparent

Don’t pretend to be perfect

Seek a common interest

Remember the remarkable

Ask effective questions

Resist urge to be a one-upper

Play dumb sometimes

Give ‘em something to talk about

Brand yourself

Lend a Hand

Connecting with Motivation and Assertiveness takes time and effort and it often means putting others before yourself. But it’s worth every second of your time and every ounce of your energy. Your relationships will be more rewarding, and you will become more successful. So don’t settle for a position on the fringes when you could dwell at the epicentre of productivity and success.

Choose any of these ‘Communication Hypnosis / NLP Therapy Skills’ Communication Skills

Assertiveness Training
Be Fascinating
Be Funny
Be More Tactful
Breaking Bad News
Compulsive Lying
Conversation Starter
Don’t Be Boring
Express Your Opinion
Listening Skills
Making Small Talk
Meeting People
Nervous Talking
No More Mr Nice Guy

Powerful Voice
Reading Aloud
Saying No
Speak Clearly
Stand Up For Yourself
Stop Apologising
Stop Arguing
Stop Being Defensive
Stop Complaining S
top Cursing / Swearing
Stop Giving Advice
Stop Gossiping
Stop Interrupting
Think Before You Speak & Count To Ten Before You Do

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