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How to Feel Good!

Here are some articles and information to help you improve how you feel.

Lindsay Heron Hypnotherapist
Hypnosis and Pain Relief

As detailed in my pain relief and phobias pages, hypnosis is a great way to deal with overcoming constant pain you may be experiencing and can help you overcome a fear or phobia that has been troubling you all your life. By helping and guiding you to re-think how you consider either pain or a fear, we can help you move on with our life in a better place. I am very proud of my father who used hypnosis within his dental practice helping his patients both overcome their fears and deal with pain.  ..

Lindsay Heron Hypnotherapist
Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council Membership

I am delighted to obtain membership of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council in September 2018. Read on to see why checking any hypnotherapy practitioner is a member of a body like this is key to public safety. ..

Lindsay Heron Hypnotherapist

How to Enhance your brains capability to: CHANGE & ADAPT ..

Lindsay Heron Hypnotherapist
FEAR OF FLYING - Flying Phobia

Do you ever get anxious and worry about an upcoming flight? ..

Lindsay Heron Hypnotherapist
The worrying trends of: Drugs - Their Abuse - Addictions of all kinds - Substance Abuse

In Central Scotland Perth & Kinross, Angus, Fife, Dundee City regions there is growing concern, that's evidence based, about the effects drugs, addictions generally, are having and their impact on an individuals general Health & Wellbeing. ..

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