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FEAR OF FLYING - Flying Phobia
Lindsay Heron Hypnotherapist
FEAR OF FLYING - Flying Phobia

Do you ever get anxious and worry about an upcoming flight?

Do you panic and fear the worst happening?

How would it feel if you could relax before and during a planned holiday or business flight? Most of just like to feel more comfortable about this vital part of the whole travel experience!

Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is one of the most common of phobias with an estimated one in 10 travellers experiencing flight anxiety. For those who don't necessarily suffer from stress or anxiety, this may appear and seem like an irrational fear.

Your mind can create feelings of anxiety when it imagines and believes we're in danger. Protecting us is the essential primary function of our Subconscious mind, so that if something is seen as a threat, appropriate Mind/Body helpful alternative action will be taken. For many, despite the fact that 'Travelling By Air' has been proven to be one of the safest ways to travel, the sense of fearful expectation still grips much of the population.

Fear of flying is a common phobia and one that CANNOT be cured with safety statistics.

It can be caused not only by a bad flying experience BUT also by an over-active wild imagination that stimulates the fear response. Having and experiencing a fear of flying will often interfere with planned holidays and often essential business travel. This phobic fear may cause the avoidance of a career path involving travel or even completely miss out on a potentially best intended / planned holiday abroad.

You may have personally experienced:

  • Feelings of anxiety in the past!
  • Fear of having a panic attack, yet again!
  • Be fearing the plane will go down!
  • Claustrophobia!
  • Being out of control with fear of terrorism!
  • Feelings of anxiousness long before an intended flight, as you plan and book your holiday trip or as you arrive at the airport.

'Fear of flying distress' can take many forms:

Mild anxiety before flying - to a state of terror preventing one from getting onto a plane or even having to leave it once boarded!

There is however a very positive and successful alternative outcome for ALL Phobias including this most common of phobias 'Fear of Flying'.  Nervous (Phobic) Flyers can be helped to permanently overcome their fear with Hypnotherapy (the trance or dreamlike state we call Hypnosis) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic (Re-) Programming). NLP is an additional highly effective therapy tool that allows access, 'actually inviting' one to consider, concentrate and focus on a happy flight and the safe arrival at your destination.

The power of your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is immense. It has 10x the capacity of our 24/7 Consciousness:

  • What we see
  • What we hear
  • What we touch
  • What we taste
  • What we smell

What we most profoundly consciously SENSE 24/7 can either help and support us effectively or innappropriately drive us to distraction. It can make us feel euphoric or allow us to feel extremely uncomfortable and unhappy with our feelings and ourselves.

The state of 'Hypnosis' a wonderfully comfortable relaxed Trance-Like state of the Body & Mind....... (Hypnotherapy).... works to connect with the subconscious. It aims to change our thoughts and behaviours associated with flying, making it a more positive experience. Re-evaluating the reaction our subconscious mind creates can often help us to regain control over a fear and feel more at ease when anxious feelings arise.

Actually Hypnosis is so successful it can help us become a more relaxed, calmer thinker allowing us to feel safe and in control of our destiny.

During deep relaxation Body/Mind trance-like states allow us to use the power of suggestion to promote a positive (brain) change by actually changing the former programme we had running in our mind, in our brain. A good Hypnotherapist / NLP Practitioner will always succeed by tailoring more appropriate helpful (Life-Changing) suggestions to the Phobic, fearful, panicky client with the aim of helping them realise and recognise the triggers they fear and why as well as changing reaction responses effectively.

Fear of flying is a learnt fear.

It may stem from childhood (perhaps if the individual’s parents showed similar fear) or they may have developed the fear after suffering a bad experience (such as bad turbulence or the plane making an emergency landing). Fear of flying may also stem from other fears and phobias, such as claustrophobia, fear of heights or agoraphobia.

Recognising Flying / Fear of Flying symptoms

Those who don't recognise or suffer from a fear of flying may not understand just how it feels!

They could try to reassure a sufferer quoting statistics and referencing personal experiences, but to no avail as those reassuring words are not always helpful. They may in fact create the opposite affect by likening that fear to a sense of weakness, only exacerbating the sense of anticipated discomfort.

Fear of or a phobia of Flying CAN AFFECT ANYONE regardless of age - status - gender and intelligence.

The GOOD news is that that there are guaranteed Hypno/NLP interventional therapy techniques that work immediately to overcome your Fear of / Phobia of Flying. If you've ever experienced any of the following inappropriate symptoms and or sensations and would like to feel more comfortable to be able to experience a trouble free flight of any length to any world-wide destination, then you can with an experienced competent Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

The most common inappropriate symptoms include:

  • Sweating
  • Dry Mouth
  • Panic Attacks
  • Blurred Vision 
  • Racing Heartbeat
  • Nausea

Member fo the General Hypnotherapy RegisterAll are part of our 'Flight or Flight' response.

Imagine being able to breath and always feel more comfortable in these situations, and that goes for ALL phobias.

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