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How to Feel Good!

Here are some articles and information to help you improve how you feel.

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How to Enhance your brains capability to: CHANGE & ADAPT

We can get stuck in our ways for a multitude of reasons. We become stuck with:

  • emotional overwhelmment.
  • being in the past 
  • emotional pain or regret 
  • unresolved grief or trauma

'I Feel STUCK'

How often do we hear or observe that in everyday terminology / in Life?

Stuck with a sense of not able to move on! Stuck in the now! Can't see ahead STUCK with low self-esteem & confidence having exhibited it repetitively, judging ones own behaviour by ones past STUCK state.

Being STUCK in the Present!

  • Being Oppositional & Argumentative 
  • Having 'always' to Have Ones Own Way
  • Stuck with Uncooperative Selfishness 
  • Feeling trapped - 'STUCK' in a Difficult Relationship 
  • Stuck in a Stressful Job 
  • Stuck with an often devastating Addiction
  • Stuck with an Obsession

In Business

Being stuck with perceived rigid & unyielding Policies or Procedures

Being stuck in the future

  • For individuals STUCK worrying, being fearful 😧, predicting the worst scenarios as they exhibit insecurities 
  • Being overprotective seeing & sensing fear in the future
  • Consequently not taking risks for Fear of Failure

When you're STUCK in Body & Mind you can feel trapped almost numb and deprived of ability, seeking to be released from whatever's 'getting in the way' Holding you back!


You're not moving on in your life ~ YOU'RE STUCK

You feel trapped unable to move forward

Whether in Business, Family or personal, success requires Brain 'CHANGE'.

Flexibility, with an ability to become more transient, enhancing and becoming more of a brain gear shifter!

From task to ask or idea to idea 💡

When this part of our brain is 'Open to Change'

  • Healthy people are able to see & embrace options to situations
  • Are able to go with the flow 
  • Change as needed or required 
  • Moving easily from idea to idea 💡
  • More likely to to be cooperatively inclusive with others  

Examples of STUCK States of The Body / Mind

  • Thinking and ruminating 
  • I won't every forgive you 
  • I have to have things my way
  • I'm always worrying 
  • I'm always predicting failure 
  • It's your fault, not mine 
  • I don't agree with you 
  • It'll never be the same again
  • I can never get bad thoughts out of my head 
  • I can't change 
  • This is the only way to do it 
  • No not ever No! I won't do it I can't do it YOU cannot make me do it! 
  • I've had loads of complaints about you
  • I've never hated anyone as much a you 
  • Things ~ This will never change

The Extraordinary Power of our Alternative Mind ~ The part of our Brain we call the 'Subconscious' can and does change all of the above and more.

Hypnotherapy & NLP play a significant part in enhancing those essential Changes to move on successfully from those negativities that can so easily drag us down preventing us from opening doors and seeing the Future.  

More to come next time on:

Why People get Stuck who live & work often saying things such as:

~ He can't ever say he's sorry 😐 ~ She holds onto grudges forever

See how Hypnosis & NLP works to support you

Start Managing Your Mind

Embrace Business Assertiveness Engage where you want to go Prepare your life's journey Who you'd like to become Focus on your strengths Think about what's important to you

AND So much more

See how With Motivation ~ Inspiration & Assertiveness

Lifestyle CHANGE - Enjoy Life More with new found feelings of Self-Esteem & Confidence

Hypnosis & NLP helps in making things happen

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