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How much does Hypnotherapy Cost?

I can often deal with up to 6 issues in one session depending upon the content.



Focused package giving 10 - 12 hours over 2 days

Specific Cases.

For more Concerning Weight Obesity States.

Often Medically diagnosed and recommended, health wise.

This exacting profound Weight Loss / Best Option for maintained Weight Loss, Maintenance and control Hypnosis /NLP Treatment works well a high % of times.

Over 2 Consecutive Days and a minimum of: 10hours (up to 12hrs client dependant )


VGBTS 'Virtual' Gastric Band Therapy Surgery For More (Morbid) Obesity States

You will sense and feel as though A Gastric Band has been placed at Top-of Stomach working with & supporting your conscious mind

Providing effective Subconscious support engagement that works 24/7, working with your Mind and Body as you loose weight naturally without need to diet.

Therapy Outcome Guaranteed & Free Top-Up Booster Ego-Strengthening Session if required up to 9 months after Primary Therapy, though rarely needed.

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