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Here is some feedback from previous clients
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Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from previous clients - what better way to see how hypnotherapy helps people.

You could be next - ask Lindsay for help.

Fiona - Weight Loss

Morning Lindsay,

I thought I would give you an update on my progress over the last year but also look for a little advice. Since coming to you Jan 13 I have lost 2 stone and have kept it off! To say I am pleased is an understatement, we went off on holiday in July to celebrate my husbands 40th and my fear of getting a photograph taken was taken away.

He has also kept his weight off so its an added bonus for us both.

Comment from Lindsay - this was something I suggested might happen through and by psychosomatic association.

However I seem to be struggling at the minute and it doesn’t seem to as easy, it may due to work as it is really stressful! I know what I should be doing but before I could do it without thinking and now I seem to be worrying about food again and snacking a lot.

Would you suggest another top up session.

I also really wish I was more motivated to exercise as I know that would make me feel better but the weather/work etc I always find an excuse.

Hope you can help,

Best Regards & Wishes Fiona (Surname deleted)

Comment from Lindsay:

I gave Fiona a Top-Up 'Ego Strengthening' Session Free ASAP thereafter and she has since maintained her weight loss and lost a further few lbs within her goal expectations.

So you are fully aware of outcomes! No matter who Lindsay provides Therapy for!

A one hour Hypnotherapy Session, one at a time will prove fruitless! By the time the 2nd Session comes along all the effort put into the 1st Session will be have depleted! Even a 90mins Session is not long enough to address all the complications of the Body/Mind to address real issues of over- eating and out of control consciousness around all foods! What I have successfully developed is a unique approach to Body/Mind weight Management control and weight loss.

  1. Everyone receives a Free 30mins Consultation
  2. The stuck states, those stuck gut feelings at the very pit of our stomachs, top of our diaphragm, that unless physically recognised and appropriately changed, continue to take control of our lives in an unhealthy and often unhelpful irreversible manner. The Emotional centre of our bodies is OUR DIAPHRAGM, where all innapropriate thought manifestations from the forefront of our brains, gets neurologically transferred as Gut reactions, Gut instincts, Gut feelings that can make us feel absolutely euphoric or darn right ILL with fear, sick with panic and so on. The GUT -The DIAPHRAGM appropriately recognised, addressed and helpfully with a 'changed state' prior to any Hypnosis NLP Session.
  3. Then we commence 2 x 90 mins (3 Hours of invaluable Life Changing Therapy, with these guarantees).

Lindsay cares and is empathetic about all his Clients outcomes.......

Best wishes to all In Health & Wellbeing


All Testimonials:

  • Anni

    Without exception, everyone treated by Lindsay were both impressed and hankering for more.

    - Anni, {tag_position}

  • Ceri

    I am delighted to say I have been nicotine free ever since and I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you.

    - Ceri, {tag_position}

  • Dionne

    Dionne stopped smoking over a year ago and is still stopped.

    - Dionne, {tag_position}

  • Fiona

    Since coming to you Jan 13 I have lost 2 stone and have kept it off!

    - Fiona, {tag_position}

  • Laura

    Overcoming depression without tablets

    - Laura, {tag_position}

  • Nicola

    Feeling enthusiastic and strong in body and MIND - rhythm and breathing being a key!

    - Nicola, {tag_position}

  • Pat

    Virtual Gastric Band Therapy success 1 week on

    - Pat, {tag_position}

  • Pat M

    What can I say…never in my life did I think I would be in the position again of trying to save the life of a loved brother

    - Pat M, {tag_position}

  • Sally

    I now have so much more energy and have let go of a lot of issues that have been troubling me.

    - Sally, {tag_position}

  • Steven

    Gambling free a year after session

    - Steven, {tag_position}

  • Tina

    I am on the road to a thinner me - thank you Lindsay

    - Tina, {tag_position}