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Client's Stories

Throughout this website you’ll find stories like these from clients who came to me with various critical difficulties that I have been able to help with. These are very often written in their own words and speak of the profound effect of working with me.

Help with Osteoarthritic Pain - Ankylosis Spondylitis - Anti-Depressant side effects - ADHD

  • Innapropriate Drugs for Depression
  • Signed off work 
  • Around 2018 beginnings of mild osteoarthritis in hips
  • Pain seemed to worsen and more widespread – possible diagnosis on record of ankylosing spondylitis
  • Treated with anti-inflammatories but still complaining of pain and starting to feel somewhat down – no answers from Dr  about a reason – various tests seem to be clear.
  • Prescribed gabapentin (not a nice drug) – caused many side effects, physical and mentally – started a deepening depression.
  • Put on an antidepressant that didn’t agree – having suicidal thoughts – very negative behaviours, aggression in the home, angerself-hate – affected the family hugely (has always been a gentle placid guy, so this was out of character)
  • Changed anti-depressant and after some research and discussion with GP – came off the gabapentin slowly
  • Diagnosed with adhd by psychologists at PRI (we had suspected from childhood but not diagnosed in the 80s) 
  • Our son has of hyperthyroidism too 
  • now on thyroid medication, an anti inflammatory, adhd stimulant medication, propranolol (betablocker for panic and heart palpitations), 
  • citalopram (anti depressant) 
  • Recently GP gave tramadol for knee injury, resulting in emergency appointment due to suicidal thoughts (stopped the tramadol). 
  • Now under the care of the intense home therapy team at Murray Royal
  • This year he has been signed off work with depression for around 3 months

Ideally, I think he would like to:

  • better manage his pain (physically and mentally), 
  • get off stimulant and anti depressants, 
  • recover from depression,
  • become more confident, 
  • less anxious/panicky,
  • be in a better frame of mind to self help physically and mentally.

Resulting outcomes from just one longer 4 Hour session in one visit

After Lindsay had seen Mr A. H.

  • We have had a good week – overall positive.
  • Hubby hasnt taken any medications since he saw you last (apart from some paracetamol for some pain relief)
  • Some dizziness from drug withdrawl / had a bit of a cold, I think too
  • He’s very positive about his recovery and never going back to that place/medically prescribed Drugs – acknowledging struggles but saying – its fine, ill get there
  • He has done some impromptu things he wouldn’t have done before (called his dad, visited his mum, fixed a drainpipe)
  • HR from work call every week and acknowledged a more positive chat this week – Week coming was a pre booked holiday from work so I hope he will consider going back 1st Nov.
  • Generally more positive at home, very chatty (almost hyperactive chat) – a few grumpy moments (to be expected i guess from coming off meds so quickly) and he will acknowledge these later and apologise
  • Still in a bit of a bubble – happy to just be doing his own thing, watching tv, scrolling, having a lie down, still lots of self-reward fast food treats


Overall a fantastic result and hopefully monday will just solidify those positive mindsets to keep on the right track. Thank you so much for your fantastic work Lindsay.

Lindsay saw him for an Ego-Strengthening 2hour top-up Appt. Session. A.H. is back at work after just 10days. His first essential primary Appt. was 4hours over a full afternoon. 

Lindsay's Guarantee

If needed I will provide a Free Ego-Strengthening Session up to 9 months after your Primary Appointment Session in the extremely unlikely case that this should required.


Of course results may vary from person to person and full recovery is not guaranteed.  Our aim, however, is to help you with your symptoms to whatever extent we can. Read our complete DISCLAIMER and FAQ’s page here.