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Counselling with Carol Heron

Helping others to help themselves is key to allowing clients/patients the opportunity to change their lives for the better. And, if you have booked a Hypnotherapy and NLP appointment you will automatically get a 30 minute counselling session with Carol which will begin your journey where considered necessary and appropriate, especially where vulnerable children are involved
Carol is a fully qualified counsellor offering guidance with personal, social and psychological problems.

Carols experience of life, both in business and in her personal life is extensive. Married to Lindsay, a mother and grandmother, Carol is an adaptable team player and a good listener. A former Citizens Advice Bureau counsellor Carol spent many years working in key positions in businesses large and small.

“I am very intuitive about people” says Carol, ‘I trust my instincts.’

Counselling with Carol Heron

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Counselling with Carol Heron
Carol is often called upon to be present at the initial Consultation point. Lindsay & Carol work in both an advisory supportive capacity, offering an often unbiased approach about specific Persona causes and effects on the Body & Mind.
As in ‘two heads are better than one’ Carol’s ability to listen empathetically, to guide and advise about best solution outcomes are generally invaluable.

Meeting parents of Child Persona issues, Carol has proved a valuable asset to providing specific Hypnotherapeutic / NLP therapy alternative solutions, that Lindsay can tailor to generate and enhance essential supportive Subconscious change, with vital Hypnosis & NLP.

Offering an invaluable listening ear and empathy about often complex Persona Issues, she’s able to share a deeper understanding of the women’s perspective, sharing often more intimate details that Lindsay can then embrace and build into the bigger picture for powerful effective Alternative Therapy Lifestyles / Life goals / Life-change whilst meeting clients aspirations and goals that then remain, with enhanced conscious awareness, and essential supportive Subconscious empowerment.

She is much loved for her caring supportive role as and when appropriate, allowing Lindsay to adapt and prepare the most Effective Hypnotherapy / NLP tools that have changed lives for generations, as an extraordinary Alternative support Body/Mind mechanism.

Counselling with Carol

As well as supporting Lindsay, providing additional counselling services, Carol also works independently with clients. If you’d like to book a consultation with Carol please call her.

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Of course results may vary from person to person and full recovery is not guaranteed.  Our aim, however, is to help you with your symptoms to whatever extent we can. Read our complete DISCLAIMER and FAQ’s page here.