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Help with Self Esteem

Lifestyle Change / Enjoy Life – Self-Esteem & Confidence.

Make Tomorrow Great! Everybody knows your mood influences your day. If you’re blue and grim, the day looks dull and dreary to you no matter how gorgeous the weather. If you’re happy and excited, the blackest clouds above won’t dampen your enthusiasm.

Do You Want to Change your Life & Lifestyle?

Unlike the weather, you have the power to change your moods. And that can make a huge difference to how your day goes.

Most people want to improve their lifestyle – health, happiness, life/work balance or just taking up something new – but achieving change can be difficult. It can be scary. So you end up staying in the same place and not smiling through your day.

The ‘Make Tomorrow Great’ hypnosis treatment was devised as an enjoyable and effective way to help you establish and maintain moods and attitudes that bring you joy. Hypnotherapy and NLP can give you the confidence and structure to make these changes happen.

Help with Motivation - Hypnotherapy and NLP in Perthshire with Lindsay Heron

From a Client ...

Help with Assertiveness / Self Esteem Confidence Issues

Client Persona Enquiry / AND Repeat request for another Persona concern.

Lindsay Heron, I would be very appreciative of your time and have been
recommended by a friend you saw sometime ago, and therefore would 
be delighted to attend those suggested Appt. Times.
Many Thanks 
Lindsay’s reply
Hello again Jessica
Please let me know when your available, best days times for you?
As I said, you’ll need two Sessions on this occasion. 
Your going to feel 100% better after just one Session, I promise you. So be assured 
of some positive fast results. Meanwhile, begin to believe in yourself and not just the possibility, but the high possibility of some rapid re-modelling subconscious positive results, given your former normal capability.
I look forward to being able to help restore your Self-Esteem and confidence 
issues, whilst addressing your Fear of Failure. 
Best of wishes
See you soon
Assertiveness / Self Esteem Confidence Issues Lindsay 
Following on from positive feedback from Jessica and her New Life, back on
Track, her assertiveness restored, she contacted me a year later..
From Jessica 
Hello Lindsay 
I spoke to you and you helped me about a year ago with my:
Tetrathlon and problems I was having. 
Now I’m very urgently seeking your help to overcome a Fear that has 
developed recently regarding activities, I previously was at ease with.
Specifically, Low self confidence and fear of failing and looking silly in 
front of others, is also a factor Many Thanks.
Lindsay’s comments
I was able to build on her former successful experiences and Ego-Strengthen her Low sense of self-esteem and fear of failing. Using a combination of Hypnosis / NLP and as 
a motivational therapist and coach I’m pleased to confirm Jessica, has turned another corner, her fears well behind her, [her past well and truly in the past] she being able to address her uncertainties, her perceived failures with a sense of confidence and restored well-being.

Changing Your Life


  • Recognising and accepting changing priorities
  • Accepting the past 
  • Looking to the future 
  • Thriving in a fast-paced, complex world 
  • Measuring success as you go to stay motivated 
  • Being open to adjusting your time-line if problems arise 
  • Feeling better, with more self-esteem and confidence 
  • Living a healthier lifestyle, feeling good 
  • Recognising realistic, attainable goals
  • Not getting disheartened when you experience obstacles 
  • Getting fitter, having more daily motivation 
  • Being more positive, assertive and upbeat 
  • Starting your own business 
  • Being more productive every day 
  • Never giving up
  • Finding ways to bounce back 
  • Looking for good in all situations
  • And so much more – see below


  • You can’t see what stands between where you are now and your next level 
  • You feel like the harder you try, the more difficult change becomes 
  • Your enthusiasm and motivation are at a low-ebb
  • You lack time and focus, make excuses 
  • You lack direction and guidance towards your expectations 
  • You lack confidence and self-esteem 
  • You have no support mechanism from your friends or family
  • And so much more: see below


  • Feeling great, with restored self-esteem & confidence
  • Feeling worthy in all aspects of life 
  • Having a more balanced business and home life
  • Increasing your income and everything that means
  • Enjoying planned travel/holiday experiences
  • Not suffering emotional overwhelm 
  • Having the flexibility to change anything and everything you wish 
  • Meeting new people and situations without fear 
  • Seeing life differently: re-evaluating your life or reinforcing your life values 
  • New beginnings and opportunities 
  • Personal growth: making smaller, gradual changes to get big overall results 
  • Achieving your goals and expectations 
  • Developing the strength and courage to continue 
  • Growing stronger through difficult times 
  • And so much more: see below

Improving Your Lifestyle

Hypnosis is a great way to change your mindset. Hypnotherapy and NLP support you to create the confidence you need to improve your lifestyle, making you and those around you happier!

The Therapy

Help with Self Esteem - Hypnotherapy and NLP in Perthshire with Lindsay Heron

An introductory talk explains how we prime our brains with our expectations and beliefs, and how our experience then matches up to what we have envisaged for ourselves.

The session starts with a deeply relaxing induction taking you smoothly into an inwardly-focused state of mind where you can take new perspectives on board and integrate them into your psyche.

Your psyche is your inner man or woman: your true self.

We cover the goal of the session clearly and then reinforce it through an imagined scenario. This allows you to create and develop your own vision of how you want to be and try it on for size, so to speak, NLP-style. A ‘pre-experience’ of this nature acts like a pilot: we can tweak different aspects until you feel completely comfortable with what you’re creating.

This session ensures that the positive patterns you set up become more deeply integrated over time. That means more rewarding tomorrows for you, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year!.

From a Client ...

Help with Bullying / Anger Management / lack of Self Confidence / Anti-Depressants

“I was pensioned out of Airforce 15years ago after being bullied. Never got over it. Still very angry. Scared of confrontation with parents. Feel very angry all the time. Have no self-confidence and don’t like the person I am. Have been on antidepressants on and off and seen a counsellor.’ Hope you can help as counselling NHS CBT not working. Laura.

Hello LINDSAY. You were right about CBT [cognitive behavioural therapy] talking therapy. Just doesn’t help.
Who wants to be reminded about, talk about their overwhelming past.

Thank you for recognising this. I now feel as though I’ve put the past behind me, as you rightly said, I was suffering from PTSD [ post traumatic stress disorder] and I now recognise having been able to shut the past out, with your invaluable Rewind Therapy after deep Hypnotic relaxation, I’m FREE from my trauma. I feel completely at one with myself, for all it took 6/7 hours over three visits to resolve all my persona issues/overwhelments, so very worthwhile. I now don’t need those horrendous anti-depressants that caused me so much Brain Fog. Amazing!
I can’t thank you enough.

Examples of Lifestyle Changes

I can help with up to 6 topics within your 3 hour session. If you need more, we may require more sessions.

  • Achieve Your Potential
  • Act on Your Ideas 
  • Back On The Horse
  • Dealing with Failure
  • Do Your Best Work
  • Energy Booster
  • Expect The Best
  • Get Your Drive Back
  • Make Tomorrow Great
  • More Enthusiasm
  • Motivation at Work
  • Promote Your Business
  • Self Motivation Booster
  • Self Motivation Booster
  • Selling Yourself
  • Start Own Business
  • Stop Waiting For Permission
  • Success Motivation
  • The Next Level
  • Think Big

When we talk, or when you email me, please mention in the message any of the above Lifestyle Changes that you would like to look at.

Lindsay's Guarantee

If needed I will provide a Free Ego-Strengthening Session up to 9 months after your Primary Appointment Session in the extremely unlikely case that this should required.


Of course results may vary from person to person and full recovery is not guaranteed.  Our aim, however, is to help you with your symptoms to whatever extent we can. Read our complete DISCLAIMER and FAQ’s page here.

Open a Conversation

Let’s open a conversation and find the right package for you! You don’t have to be stuck anymore. Let me help you move forward to become the ‘you’ you want to be.

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