Hypnotherapy and NLP in Perthshire with Lindsay Heron


Heron Hypnotherapy & NLP does not provide medical advice. It may be advisable to contact your doctor (GP) or a registered medical professional before commencement of therapy. If in doubt speak about this with your therapist.

Hypnotherapy & NLP are often used in a Professional medical environment by both qualified LDS RCS Dental Surgeons and in certain agreed medically appropriate operational situations, instead of Anaesthesia. Hypno-Analgesics – Hypno-Analgesia. Lindsay’s Father, Dental Surgeon LDS RCS ~ Royal College of Surgeons used Hypnotherapy & NLP to offer alternative solutions to certain Dental treatments for over 40yrs.

Consultation with your doctor (GP) in the form of an ‘Opt out’ letter on all medical issues regarding your condition and its treatment may be sought by Heron Hypnotherapy & NLP before session commencement if thought necessary and/or a clients current drug prescribed medication listing.

This is standard procedure to protect both you the client and the therapist. Client confidentiality / privacy is paramount and no information will be shared with any third parties, including any medical professional, without your informed consent.

Therapy sessions are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Therapy sessions are not a substitute for a comprehensive professional medical examination and they will not replace the need for services provided by the medical profession but have been proven to be of assistance in certain circumstances for clients beneficial improved health & well-being recuperating potentials.

Always seek the advice of a registered medical professional before making any changes to your prescribed treatment, including withdrawal from any prescribed medications. Although it is often appropriate and helpful to recognise the side effects of certain prescribed drugs which in turn can affect us more helpfully cognitively when stopped with an appropriate medical drug review / client agreement.

Any medical questions should always be directed to your doctor (GP). Heron Hypnotherapy & NLP cannot be held accountable for any failure by the client to follow professional medical advice.

Lindsay is a Registrant / Member of the CHNC

CNHC ~ The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council is a regulatory body in the United Kingdom which provides a voluntary register of complementary, rather than alternative medicine, therapists.

Lindsay is a Senior Hypnotherapy & NLP Practitioner and is bound by the PSA.

The PSA Professional Standards Authority where the patient client feels comfortable about choosing an Accredited Member of the CNHC enduring the highest standards.

The Government recommends that when people are looking for a health practitioner who is not regulated by law, they only consult a practitioner on an accredited register such as CNHC’s.

The GMA ~ General Medical Council guidance to doctors confirms that they are able to refer patients to practitioners on accredited registers – this includes all CNHC registrants.

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Purchasers of goods or services should verify with the individuals or organisation’s concerned that the product supplied or service provided will meet their particular needs and requirements.

Whilst Heron Hypnotherapy & NLP will always attempt to ensure that the quality and effectiveness of Therapy and Professional appropriate treatment is maintained to the highest standard and carefully considered requirements they cannot be held responsible should any treatment fail to conform to these requirements.

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